The year is (already?!) coming to an end, which in the agency world means it’s time to summarize the best projects and make room on the shelf for new awards. 🏆 It’s good that we started on time, because two have already arrived at our address! 

Homepage projects – the rebranding of Padrino’s delivery service in Novi Sad and the campaign “Time does not heal” were awarded by the Web Excellence Awards. This prestigious international competition singles out the best of the best in the field of marketing, web design and development. This competition gathers participants from all over the world who want to show their work and provides everyone equal chances of winning, regardless of the size of the company or the project’s budget. Our work has been recognized and awarded for the second year, which is why we are especially proud. In addition, the Padrino Novi Sad delivery rebranding won another important award – the MarCom Awards. This significant international competition rewards outstanding contributions in marketing and communication, recognizing creativity and professionalism in the industry.


Padrino is already a well-known delivery service from Novi Sad, whose business development phase required rebranding and a more professional approach to visual identity. To maintain the basis of branding recognizable to the target group, we decided to upgrade the brand. Because of all this, the new branding is more transparent, even when applied on smaller surfaces. It is very important because it facilitates the creation and improves the quality of promotional and printed materials. See here for what the rebranded Padrino looks like and how we came to the solution.


The preparation of the creative concept for the “Time does not heal” campaign involved research work in the form of interviews with patients suffering from spinal muscular atrophy. From talking with them, we realized that their stories are the most powerful way to convey the key message of the campaign – to draw attention to the problem of long waiting times for medicine for adult patients. Read more about the campaign, which we implemented with the association SMA Serbia, here.

At the beginning of 2023, we said: “If a day is known by its morning, 2023 is promising!” and yes, the feeling did not deceive us! One thing is certain – Homepagers love challenges, so we continue at the same pace!