For the Homepage agency, this year marks a return to its roots. The past couple of years have shaken us all and displaced us from our regular flows, so now it’s time for all of us to reset a little and remember who we are, where we come from and what values ​​we share. That’s how we came up with the idea of ​​making this team building a real Vojvodina story…

First – breakfast

One thing that otherwise intrepid Homepagers fear more than anything else is being hungry. That’s why our rule is – first food, then everything else.


And with full bellies comes a warm heart, so for happy times, we have prepared a unique quince rakija that we have named according to ourselves – Bećaruša, as she likes to do everything that isn’t right. 😉


True, bećaruša was really good on the long way to Bezdan, so we arrived at the first destination refreshed and rested, in a desirable mood. Preserving nature and enjoying it is the link of the whole team, so every moment spent in the Eco Center Karapandža with excellent guides, was precious for us. The mentioned mood slightly dispersed the animals, which the forest usually is full of, but the mosquitoes, for example, did not mind at all. Fortunately, neither butterflies nor pond birds, so we still managed to meet the animal world of the Upper Danube. As far as the plant world is concerned, it can be described in one word – opulence. Starting from various protected plant species, to thick reeds and huge areas covered with gorgeous water lily flowers, all surrounded by a dense beautiful forest. A catamaran ride along the Bajski channel brought a special atmosphere (and a massive number of fantastic photos). The peace felt on the water was a balm for our (primarily digital) souls and minds.

Vojvodina, why are you so flat…

After wild nature and wild Bećaruša, we moved on to a tame farmhouse and wines. We were welcomed at the farm by Blaženka and Goran, who, twelve years ago, replaced the city asphalt with the soft grass of a real Vojvodina estate. And not only the two of them, but also a whole group of domestic animals, so it was not known who was more happy than whom. We have never experienced such a buzzing of arms, legs, paws, and tails.



On the farm, slowly, with a colourful table and full glasses, we smiled and cheered until it was time to roll up our sleeves and put on the aprons. Enough digital. The plan was a workshop for making pasta noodles. One of the best experiences so far (and we’ve tried everything, believe me). We have shown that these fingers, accustomed to flying on keyboards and screens, manage very well with dough and a rolling pin. As trophies, we took home wide and narrow, thick and thin noodles, specks, rags, spaghetti, tagliatelle, and we managed to create some new, hitherto unseen types of pasta.

For the return home, we got ready for the trip – first, the food! Warm, soft drinks with homemade jams provided sufficient sugar to push through all the musical genres heard on the bus to Novi Sad.

Let’s finish in the Vojvodina spirit – every meeting of Homepagers is memorable, but this team building was really, as the people of Vojvodina would say – štogod! 🙂