If we were to rate the past team building, it would definitely be 10/10. We celebrated this jubilee, the tenth anniversary of the agency, the way we have been doing all these years – as a team and with a good atmosphere. Bearing in mind that all Homepagers are very the same and very different at the same time, our…


Homepagers @ Web 3.0

The vision of our agency is to be a leader in marketing communications based on modern technologies. We live that vision and in accordance with it, we plan further development of the teams and services of the agency. Therefore, web 3.0, which has been much discussed lately, including blockchain, crypto, metaverse and all the other great things that internet (r)evolution…


How do we celebrate international women’s day?

For starters, Women’s day celebrates them 🙂 Joke aside, we are a team that does not talk about gender equality and is not only committed to it at International Women’s Day. It is the value we truly live by and about which we are unanimous every other day of the year. This topic is also present in our informal conversations…


There are gifts under the Christmas tree :)

This 2021 had its own ways of motivating us to be especially diligent. Maybe more than we expected. But when the year, so to speak, “intensively encourages” you, it can also reward you with beautiful gifts under the Christmas tree. And so our euphoria began in October. The first to be placed was a small statuette of the SoMo Fighter…


From 0 to HERO – digital marketing?

One of the most cheerful Homepagers hung out with young people at a panel on digital marketing, as part of the From 0 2 Hero program. Based on her experience, Gordana tried to present the daily work in the agency and answer numerous questions from students and high school students on how to set priorities in work (when everything is…