June is a sign of birthday euphoria in our agency. The subjective feeling is that every day is someone’s birthday – and we even calculated why we feel that way: 39% of our team’s zodiac signs are Gemini. 😳 This trivia is enough for you to conclude that our atmosphere is always dynamic. Coincidentally or not, the agency itself celebrates its birthday in June. That means lots of socializing, laughter, toasts and cake!

This merry series of events kicked off the Happy (11th Birthday) Hour. We blew out the candles and wished to preserve the Homepage spirit in the coming years and continue nurturing our passion for digital, just as we have faithfully done for 11 years since the establishment of the agency. And to keep the socializing going, we have planned a real Vojvodina-themed team building (follow us so you don’t miss the atmosphere firsthand).

In these 11 years, the agency has created a significant number of campaigns. We have introduced many brands to audiences across the country and worldwide; witnessed the emergence and disappearance of trends, new social networks and new opportunities. A lot has changed since that year of 2012, but we have stayed true to digital. Our focus for more than a decade has been to be a reliable partner to our clients, to understand their individual needs and goals and achieve them together digitally. The projects we have worked on during all these years concern various industries, products, services, and socially responsible topics. Together with the brands, we also grew – and grew to become one of the leading agencies for digital marketing in Serbia. We don’t plan to stop there because this is just the beginning of our second decade, and judging by the first, great things await us.

At the end of this birthday speech, we give you a toast from our agency and invite you to follow us because we have a lot of projects coming up that you don’t want to miss. We’ll just let you know that we’re opening the doors to our digital trend museum soon, so #StayTuned!