Do you watch podcasts?
Do you often click the correct answer on a story quiz?
Do you read blogs?

We believe that the answer to at least one question was yes!

Social media is a powerful tool for connecting with your target audience. But how can you ensure your content is not only entertaining but also educational?

This is where edutainment comes in.

What is edutainment?

Edutainment is a great way to engage with your audience through entertainment and education at the same time, which is precisely one of the reasons why this type of content is a growing trend on social media. Edutainment is commonly found on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook platforms and presented through various types of content – videos, podcasts, quizzes, games and more.

This type of content increases audience interest and trust and, therefore, interaction. Since it aims to educate, edutainment provides public added value, making the time spent on social media more productive. On the other hand, it is a valuable tool for content creators.

When we combine edutainment as a trend with the increasingly popular vertical video format, an endless space for creating entertaining and educational content on social networks opens up.

What do we accomplish with edutainment content marketing?

  • We bring business and the industry in which we work closer to the audience
  • We increase brand awareness
  • We interact with the audience
  • We provide the audience with entertainment and valuable information
  • We make complex or less interesting topics more accessible and memorable

How to create edutainment content:

  • Get to know your audience. Before we create any content, we need to understand who we are talking to. What does the audience want to learn, what do they find entertaining, and what platforms do they use?
  • Make a list of subject areas. The topics chosen should be pertinent to our target market, sector, and brand. While showcasing our skills and knowledge, we also want to give our fans something of value. Consider the audience’s problems or requirements as well as their areas of interest.
  • Add humour, stories, emotion or curiosity. It is necessary not only to attract but also to keep the audience’s attention. You can use jokes, anecdotes, metaphors, questions or storytelling to make the content interesting and readable.
  • Provide value to your audience. Value and relevance are the first things to consider when creating content. Does what we create have value for the audience and a connection to our business? For example – information, tips, insights, recommendations, and solutions. Teach the audience something new, answer some of their questions and concerns, and provide helpful advice or steps to achieve a goal.
  • Choose a format that suits your platform and theme. We can use photos, texts, video tutorials, animations, interviews, podcasts, quizzes, and infographics to show statistics, facts and comparisons, various challenges and quizzes.
  • Don’t forget the CTA (call to action). The ultimate goal of education and entertainment is not only to inform and entertain but also to encourage users to take action: Visiting the site, registering for a specific event, purchasing a product or service, or sharing content with others. It is important that at the end, we add a clear and compelling call to action that tells our audience what to do next.

How it looks in practice

There are many good examples of edutainment content. One of them is “Netflix Cheaterz“, which uses humour in a great way to announce and promote its series and movies, as well as some statistics.


But don’t worry; creating this type of content doesn’t always require huge production budgets. It is enough to have a good understanding of the audience and the topic you are dealing with and add a little creativity to all of that:

Content example created for the Instagram profile @podrskamladima
Content example from the agency’s archive, created for the Instagram profile of a brand: @nutrino.srbija 
Content example created for the Instagram profile of a brand: @valvolineglobalemea 


Edutainment is noteworthy content that could boost and improve your social media presence. By merging education and entertainment, we can both meet our commercial objectives and provide value and fun to our audience. Feel free to contact us if you need support in creating content or developing a digital strategy.