If we were to rate the past team building, it would definitely be 10/10. We celebrated this jubilee, the tenth anniversary of the agency, the way we have been doing all these years – as a team and with a good atmosphere.

Bearing in mind that all Homepagers are very the same and very different at the same time, our wish was to design activities with a sufficient degree of space for personal choice, but also a sufficient degree of togetherness for team building.

It was clear right from the start that we will succeed in that. We started the day by learning new skills that, for a change, are not digital. We visited the Golf Club Center, where a great team of hosts and coaches introduced us to the wonderful world of golf. Part of the team competed, part used the opportunity to walk and take photos in the beautiful club complex, while the rest of the team found fun in driving a golf course and relaxing on the terrace with the scent of lavender (well, and a few drinks…).
Someone brought a trophy from the club, someone a diploma, someone awards, and all together many wonderful moments that we will recount for a long time and a bunch of videos and photos for Instagram (and for mimes :))

After the active part of the day, we continued socializing in nature along the Danube. True, next to the pool, next to the barbecue, next to the bar… where it was already the most pleasant for anyone. As Homepagers can endure everything in the world except being hungry and thirsty, we invited the best – our friends from Toaster who filled our glasses and bellies.

As the nature of work, the cellphone is a natural extension of the hand of a Homepage, and the creation of digital content is an integral part of the day of each of us, we wanted to try ourselves in slightly different roles. We tackled paint, brushes and canvas (the physical, tangible one) and made a collection of small works of art that will definitely adorn the walls of our agency.

The end of the day was marked by the assembly of the Jenga, because who knows how to fold the tasks on Mondays, for him the Jenga is a piece of a cake.

The fact that we sang on the way back, and that this whole week is full of positive impressions, also speaks of the impressions. How did we achieve that, what did we magically do?
Well… We were what we are – Homepagers, the strongest team ever!