The vision of our agency is to be a leader in marketing communications based on modern technologies. We live that vision and in accordance with it, we plan further development of the teams and services of the agency. Therefore, web 3.0, which has been much discussed lately, including blockchain, crypto, metaverse and all the other great things that internet (r)evolution brings us, has been in the sphere of our interests and activities for a long time.

Besides that vision, we adhere to the values of the agency. One of them refers to the constant learning and improvement of skills and knowledge. Bearing in mind that it opens a whole new world and that the opportunity for learning and development is progress, Web 3.0 is an ace up our sleeve on the 10th anniversary of the Homepage. 😊

As usual, we started with the internal sharing of knowledge, and in the coming period, you can expect a lot of useful information, trends and interesting things on our blog and social media accounts.

The second in a series of internal educations on the topic of web 3.0 was held by our M&M – Milka Negrović and Mihaela Turner. They transferred to the team (practically decentralized) the knowledge gained in the areas of Crypto marketing, Tokens and Financing blockchain projects.
We discussed all the elements, similarities and differences of crypto marketing with marketing that we have done so far;
We got acquainted with the types and purposes of tokens, the way they are created and launched;
Brainstormed about different crypto marketing strategies and tactics;
And defined steps, ways and platforms for financing.

Each of our educations starts a wave of good energy and inspires us to further development. This one is specific in that it opened many interesting topics and gave each of us practically unlimited space for learning.

Just like the blockchain, a series that is continuously continued and continued, we have already scheduled the next training where two hot topics are waiting for us – NFT and Metaverse ⚡

Until then, the right address for consultations on the topic of your campaigns and activities related to web 3.0, remains