To make a profit, it is necessary to make a sale. Good point! Nothing new.

However, in order to start from the beginning, we have to understand that people do not visit Facebook to buy something or be surrounded by commercials. There are completely other urges that make us visit and stay on social networks. We all want to communicate with friends, share and create interesting content, brag, peek at other people’s accounts, and spend our free time here. It is not our priority to buy something. Following the line of less resistance, many companies will give up and say how Facebook is not the place for them and that they do not sell here. It turns out that this is not entirely true and that the solution exists. Facebook does sell, makes a difference and meets our goals. We just have to go step by step, plan our approach, measure everything and adjust. A strategic approach is key, so as a great level of expertise and experience in digital performance marketing.

This is why it is important to talk about the sales funnel concept, because we want to direct our potential clients to the conversion itself, not to say sales. Of course, along with adjusted and relevant content to the audience that will guide them to the process.


Sales funnel concept

Sales funnel concept should definitely be the basis of your strategic sales on Facebook. You have to keep in mind that there is no clear pattern of the funnel, but it always adapts to your needs, goals, and business.

Top of the funnel represents brand awareness. Here are probably the fans of your page. They have already shown that they know about you. Also, at this stage, we are trying to expand the number of people who are aware of our existence. Awareness is magical, but it can also ‘eat’ a lot of money if it does not plan well.

The next step would be engagement. It is essential to create contents for fans, posts, video materials and all sorts of interesting formats which would give the people information about you. The goal here is for people to comment and generally interact with the content. We want to create the content that promotes bidirectional communication, the one that makes people want to like and share the content. Those people share a story about you. We go through people’s emotions. Social networks always play on the card of emotions. Just think about why Facebook regularly drops a reminder to your old posts.

In this step, your website plays an important role also, where you will send people and catch them in remarketing. Again, the website is a story for itself, and we definitely need to create a separate sales funnel.

The third step can be called the action. Here we try to get our fans into the lids. It can be an application on the mailing list, filling out forms, applying for something you give only to them, leaving a phone number for a discount or creating special offers for them. Furthermore, the website should contain some kind of a form, call button or contact form, where people would leave their information.

The final step would be conversion. This is the part where your fans finally decide to buy your product, service or convert what your business goal is. Keep in mind that the people who are at the top of the funnel, become customers after watching 15 commercials on average.

The step of coming back to the top of the funnel is very unique for social networks. Here we can score. Namely, people who converted want to brag that they have bought something from you. They want to share the information about conversion with their friends. With that, they expand the top of the funnel (awareness part) – the number of potential clients. In addition to all the modern technologies that are available to us, the methods that are still unmatched are the method of recommendation and mouth-to-mouth method. People at this part become your ‘ambassadors’ who share a story about you free of charge. That is, if they are satisfied with your product and service. Here can also be negative comments and crisis because people on Facebook like to express their opinion and nobody can stop them in doing so.

How to create sales funnel?

What is needed is that you, yourself or with a help of an agency that has the expertise, create the strategy and the structure of your funnel, adjusted to your goals and business. Facebook sales in most cases do not occur by accident. You need to have a content plan on the page adjusted to strategy and sales. Think about your website and landing pages where you will send people to perform an action (the third step).

You absolutely must be aware of your ultimate goal – conversion and micro-goals that are the only way to your ultimate one. These micro-goals are the key indicators (KPI) that you are continually optimizing.

As we have said many times, each funnel is a story for itself and infusion with your business.

At the end of the day the only measure of success is the answer to the following questions:

Did you make money?

Did you and how many times get back the money you have invested?

If the answer is no, everything else, all those reactions, comments, sharing, clicks or watching, do not make any sense at all.

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