The popular social media platform, Instagram, on 19th of March launched „Checkout with Instagram“– a new online shopping feature that will allow to buy products directly on Instagram.

Although it is currently in its beta version and available only to the US market, the overall concept will undoubtedly bring new changes to the digital strategy of big brands but also smaller web shop-oriented companies.

The question is what kind of impact it will have on web sites, as the center of digital strategies?

What is Instagram Checkout?

Instagram Checkout lets users buy directly from posts on Instagram, without the need to leave the app unlike before, where all the transaction would take place on your web site or web shop.

What’s even better is that after you make your first transaction on Instagram, all the info will be saved – meaning, no more frustrating re-entering of the data for any future shopping.

With Instagram Checkout, customers are in control of their purchasing journey. They will be able to track, manage and return their purchases – all through the app.

Moreover, all the shipping and delivery updates will be connected to Instagram.

At the moment, Instagram Checkout feature is in beta test mode and is only available for 20 big brands such as Adidas, Kylie Cosmetics, Nike, Dior, H&M and many more.

Instagram Checkout – a new form of online shopping

The Instagram Checkout feature takes Instagram shopping experience on a whole new level. This presents a massive opportunity as the entire shopping process is all within Instagram – from the discovery of the product to the purchasing.

The entire process will be super-fast and easy, and this is an essential step for shopping on Instagram.

And the numbers are in Instagram’s favor too. According to the statistics, the time we are spending on social media is about 142 minutes per day while on web shops or retail stores we spend only 8 to 10 minutes.

Shopping directly on Instagram will reduce all the effort of the usual discomforting process of buying online. Instagram will certainly be getting extra points because it is ensuring comfort with convenient payment methods (PayPal) and the process is smooth as butter.

The only price to pay will be by the retailers – they will be required to pay a selling fee

– and the exact cost will be determined.

By offering Instagram Checkout as an addition to other extraordinary features, Instagram has created an isolated way of purchasing items. Because, there is no more need for users to leave the app – Instagram will now offer social engagement, visual entertainment and product shopping.

Once the Instagram Checkout becomes official, it will likely have an immense impact on online shopping and the way users purchase online. The question is – should you now say goodbye to your web shop?

Will Instagram replace your web shop?

After all that we said, is now the right time to start panicking?

Not really. Even though some may say that there is a chance that this new feature will hurt web shops – because they are taking away the spotlight from the web page and centering it to Instagram, we don’t think this will happen.

Instagram Checkout will only help and support brands and business. Your web shop can only gain from this new Instagram move. Web shops and web sites in general combined with this new Instagram function have one common goal – to increase the conversions and in the end to increase product sales.

And if both sides work mutually – it will increase the profit for each of them.

But let’s head back to the question – will Instagram Checkout replace your web shop? To put it simply – Instagram is primarily a social network, and it cannot replace your web shop.

What’s more, to point out is that Instagram Checkout will contribute to the growth of your company turnover, but the center of your attention should still be improving the shopping experience on your web site.

Is now the time to change your digital strategy?

This new Instagram element presents a new set of tests for your digital strategy. Firstly, you should focus on developing creative posts that will stand out on Instagram and convert directly there.

The companies that get this will surely gain from Instagram Checkout. Early adopting this digital strategy will win you a new possibility to develop your brand.

With this new shopping feature, Instagram is entering a space no other social network operates in. Your digital strategy should follow this course too. If you don’t have it by now, it is the right time to create a well-thought-out content plan for Instagram – as this platform will become more and more the critical channel for product discovery and obviously soon buying them too.

But, apart from focusing more on creative and user-generated posts, you should not forget your web site. As we already said, Instagram is necessarily a social network. Yes, there will be places to sell, there are ads and shopping options, but above all Instagram is a place to “negotiate.”

Use this platform to create wishes, emotions, and reason for your customers to buy your products. Instagram is a great place to leave an awesome first impression.

Secondly, now more than ever you need to focus on your web site. Create content for your web and share the content on social networks. Or even better, create so much useful content for the web that your customers want to share with your friends.

Invest more time in building your website or web shop by creating quality content, and then conquer your social media networks.

Regardless of the changes that will occur and that are happening on social media, you will always have your place on the web. Your domain, your design, and your content that no one will be able to change just overnight!

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