Mechanics, motor oils, workshop… not so common and simple topic and target group, would you agree? However, limitations, stereotypes and a clear challenge in front of us are the real fuel for creativity and that famous phrase – think outside the box.

That’s why we decided that in our campaign the story will be told by the hands of mechanics across Europe, as a universal motif that knows no languages ​​and borders. Stories about their hard-working hands, experience and dedication, travelled all over Europe, achieved exceptional results and were finally awarded by recognizable statuette as part of the tenth jubilee of SoMo Borac awards – in the SoMo Global category. A serious category looking for serious results on a global level, and if you ask us, as if made for this campaign. 🌍

We are especially proud of the fact that the “Hands that keep us moving forward” campaign, which we created for Valvoline EMEA, is one of only four awarded campaigns from Serbia, out of almost 200 submitted works. The competition was fierce, but the mechanics proved this time too that there is no such thing as an impossible mission for them. After all, these are the hands that move the world, and they helped us park the SoMo fighter award in our collection for the second year in a row.

You can find out more about the campaign here, and we look forward to the next competition where we believe our mechanics will continue their journey towards rewards. 🚗