Every year, the end of the first quarter in our agency is dedicated to presenting the business plan. We use this opportunity to gather together, review the results achieved in the previous year and the first quarter, and set goals for the period ahead.

For this year, the plan is to continue doing what we know best, and that is our signature – CREATIVE. DIGITAL.

For the past ten years, we have been digital partners to our clients and provided them with support in their online presence. Digital is the basis of our business, so we can safely say that we will remain faithful to digital in 2023. As this area is constantly developing and progressing, we will continue to improve skills – both individually and at the level of the entire team.

Homepage remains a boutique agency that provides clients with highly specialized services, primarily:

  • Strategies of (digital) marketing
  • Creative concepts and branding
  • Employer branding strategies and services
  • Video and content production
  • Performance marketing
  • Social media marketing

In the previous period, we gained a lot of experience in online events, influencer marketing, and TikTok marketing, so the plan is to implement this knowledge on some new campaigns and put them at the service of our existing and future clients.

We continue our tradition of sharing knowledge on our social networks, through the newsletter and blog, and the Homepage Academy, where many valuable lessons and new courses await us this year.

We remain a unique and compact team of ordinary special people adorned with curiosity, creativity and the constant pursuit of new knowledge.

In addition to presenting the plans for the current year, we looked back on the past year and here are some of the most significant moments:

  • In 2022, one of the goals was to continue following digital trends and innovations, and one of the more significant ones was Web 3.0. We devoted much effort to research and education, visited one of the world’s most famous conferences, and shared new knowledge and trends in this field on our social networks. In addition, we have laid the foundations of web3 services and strategies for potential clients.
  • We also looked back on the trips and gatherings that marked the last year. We will remember our trip to Barcelona (web3p) for a long time, just like the jubilee team building.
  • We stopped to enjoy the prizes we deservedly won and again had a blast looking at our girls who have been a part of our team for 20 years total.

Thank you for being with us and following our work. We invite you to follow our digital journey again this year because we are sure it will be worth your attention. 🙂