Anniversaries are important milestones that we celebrate with great attention, and each year has a symbolic gift. However, for jubilees, we wanted something special. We see ten years in the agency as one big and unique journey, different for everyone. That’s why we decided that the gift should be inspired by that: a trip everyone chooses according to their own preferences. On every journey, there is someone to support us, so this trip is also for two (of course, with pocket money and free days 💸).

The first Homepager to celebrate 10 years in the agency is Mihaela Turner – our Mia, who has been a Homepager since the very beginning in 2012. After we celebrated the anniversary together in the agency, with a jubilee speech, many hugs, and a few tears of joy, Mihaela faced an important decision – to choose where she wants to travel! ✈️

Mia is action-oriented, so it was very easy for her to choose Lisbon in the spring from the list of cities she wants to visit. She packed her bags with her husband, turned FOMO to the maximum, and took the checklist in her hands. Colorful Lisbon with its rich culture, codfish, wine, and fado were as sweet as pastel de nata. The famous ginjinha (sour cherry liqueur) was also on the list, and as all drinks flow in Homepage, ginjinha warmed our hearts a little when she returned to the agency.

The only task Mia had during this trip was to enjoy herself. Whether she succeeded, check out our Instagram (or TikTok 😉).

This year, we have another Homepage anniversary coming up, and we can’t wait to see the destination our colleague will choose for his anniversary trip. Stay tuned!