The times are changing.

Things are moving forward fast, and the one who adapts to change is the one who succeeds. Digital marketing and IT in general are undergoing a meteoric rise.

At the same time, it’s getting harder to find a quality workforce, an agency that meets your needs. Even if you manage to find one, it often turns out to be too expensive and not really worth it. The difficulty lies in optimizing the costs, finding suitable partners for collaboration, reaching set goals, and make a profit.

Fortunately, the solution does exist. The only question is whether you really want to embark on this adventure. The risk is always there, but then again, running business operations is inherently risky. That’s precisely why it is such a dynamic and challenging endeavor.

So, let’s talk about hiring marketing experts from abroad.

What first crosses your mind when you hear somebody is seeking a foreign agency for digital marketing, advertising, and web development? Probably some cheap “experts” from (predominantly) Asian countries prepared to work for cheap. Alas, the price of their service is proportionate to its quality. You’ve often read about or encountered companies that ended up dissatisfied and got burned trying to save money.

Well, let us cheer you up. It’s possible to hire top-notch experts from Europe, experts who live close to you, exhibit no cultural differences, and have the same education and system of values as you.

Yes, we’re talking about Serbia, a country located in southeastern Europe, which is currently going through an IT renaissance.

There, companies and creative marketing agencies employ young people with exceptional skills adjusted to the western markets. One great proof of this state of affairs is our agency. We won an international tender organized by the European Tourist Association for the purpose of promoting European tourism among the youth in the US and Canada.

The list of reasons in favor of opting for a company from Serbia to develop your digital strategy, website, application, design, or advertising is very long. So, let’s move on to 10 most important + one additional reason why your digital marketing or website needs to be done in Serbia.

1. Qualified Workforce

Serbia has a communist past, which set the foundations for a reliable system of education. Its colleges are world-renowned and diplomas recognized by western countries. Education reform is underway, meaning the system is also modernized and in line with the EU standards.

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2. Excellent Knowledge of English Language

In Serbia, kids start learning English at the age of seven (often even earlier, in kindergartens). Television programs are not dubbed, but subtitled, which is to say the majority of the population is constantly exposed to English. There are no language barriers to speak of.

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3.Time Zone

Serbia is in GMT+1 time zone, the ideal one for the European context. When it comes to the US, it’s essential to stress Serbian workers are paid less for over hours.

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4. A Wealth of Best Practice Examples

Many foreign companies have significant experience collaborating with Serbian businesses. Some have even opened their branches in Belgrade and Novi Sad. They all assert Serbia is a favorable environment for generating additional profit streams.

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5. Work Ethics

Being a European country, Serbia has strong work ethics, similar to ones in the western world. Everything that is agreed on is delivered on time and without compromising on quality.


6. Service Diversity

Serbia has fostered a robust IT culture. Two of its biggest cities (Belgrade and Novi Sad) are bustling hubs attracting seasoned experts across a wide array of services. These include programming, web development, market analysis, development of online strategies, and publishing. There is a multitude of companies that are highly flexible in terms of tailoring services to your business needs and keeping up with market trends.

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7. Good Connection to the World

Serbia occupies an extraordinary geographical position in the southeast of Europe. Belgrade Airport offers flights to all corners of the world, even a direct line to New York. Connections to European capitals are amazing and you can arrive pretty much anywhere in a matter of a few hours. Likewise, you are able to hold quick meetings with partners from Europe or the rest of the globe.

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8. Affordable Prices

Essentially, the purpose of hiring agencies abroad is to trim operating costs. In this regard, Serbia is definitely the “best buy” option. Everything we mentioned before is available at (sometimes) three times the lower price than in your native country. You can put it in black and white and estimate how much you stand to gain.  On top of all that, the quality of service is often higher than what you can count on back home.

It is in our interest to keep you as a client, make you stay, and build success together. This is an opportunity for us to rise above the unique challenges we face in Serbia.

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9. Regulative Climate

Serbia isn’t a member of the EU, but it is well in the process of becoming one. It’s a state under the rule of law. The legislation is compatible with the EU framework and the judicial system is functioning. The country is also a member of all relevant international institutions, so there’s no need to worry about data and business security.  Of course, contracts, NDA agreements, and other legal documents are signed and honored without disputes.

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10. Political and Economic Stability

Serbia had a turbulent past. You have probably heard a lot about it. The good news is— it’s behind us. We are now building a different kind of society and making strides forward. The state is formed and economy relatively stable. New companies are popping up and investment in IT on the roll. Your personal and the safety of your project will never be under threat.

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Bonus (+1): Warm Hospitality

A visit to Serbia tends to be quite a surprise. If you keep an open mind, you will probably not want to ever leave. Serbians are famous for being great hosts: cheerful, straightforward, and honest. They are also temperamental in a good way.

According to reputable magazines, the nightlife is one of the best in Europe. Prices are cheap and there are a plethora of chances go out and do some clubbing. Food is a story in itself. Local specialty dishes are a fusion of different cuisines and influences from East and West.

We could go on like this forever, but we’ll leave something to you. Feel free to discover Serbia on your own and with the help of courteous hosts always there to help.


Dear Friends, Welcome. Our Home is Your Home

So, on what note shall we end?

Well, you can never know for sure what works unless you try it out. Serbia is a small state still facing many challenges. Yet, somebody else’s weakness can be turned into your strength. That is the way to ensure a win-win for everyone.

It is undoubtedly a good idea to do your homework and engage in thorough planning. These kinds of decisions should not be rushed overnight.

It pleases us to say creative digital agency Homepage stands at your disposal for any questions, information, and advice. We are here to serve as your digital partner, a provider of top-tier expertise across various fields of digital marketing.

Let’s march toward success together!

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