GIF stickers and mechanics




Every year during March, Valvoline celebrates the Month of Mechanics, who represent the most important partners of this brand. The campaign is implemented on social networks, with a focus on the Valvoline Europe Facebook page. It includes the creation of content tailored to this target group, as well as reward activation. This year, the client wanted that GIF stickers as part of the campaign, followed by the ones tailored to promote the value of the brand itself.


Although the Month of Mechanics is a campaign that is conducted every year, in the 2021 we decided to build content around gratitude to the mechanics who continued to move the worldduring challenging times caused by the COVID-19 virus pandemic. In addition, we focused our communication on their commitment and expertise, but also exploit the opportunity to thank all the women involved in mechanical work – in the form of a special announcement on International Women’s Day.

We upgraded the regular content with a prize activation #PoweredByMechanics for which the mechanics photographed the tool of their choice to form the letter V, but also to showcase their most important tool and shared it with the community through a comment below the post. In this way, we emphasized the mechanics’ connection with the Valvoline brand and the three most creative photos were rewarded with tool boxes.

We rounded off the campaign with a set of GIF stickers for the European market, and it was extremely important that they be universal for all mechanics, regardless of the country they come from. That’s why we’ve created messages that convey the daily routine of the mechanic’s business, but also those that convey the brand’s values, tradition and the trust that the Valvoline brand has among its users – and made them available to the community via two Facebook posts.


Although the campaign was targeting at a specific niche, we noticed very positive reactions to the content and reward activation. GIF stickers were a great success, having more than 500,000 views in the first month alone, while that number exceeded 4 million views after the second month – it continues to grow, which confirms that their content resonated with the target group across Europe.

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