“If you want the core, break the shell”

Studious analysis of your brand and analysis of the competition in relation to your brand.

Defining goals and concepts of communication.

Building a digital identity.

Setting an action plan and determining the time of realization of the deadlines for fulfilling the goals.

Content production

“A bird is known by its feathers, but a man is known by his words”

Designing unique content.

Realization of the idea through text, photography or video in our own studio and on the field.

Adapting the content to the sensibility of the Internet, as through narrative so as through the form.

Social media

“Who you are with, that’s what you are like”

Together we plan your social media appearance.

We create the original content and promote it.

We communicate with online community and analyze the results.

Web solutions development

“Strike while the iron is hot”

Complete website strategic plan, web and mobile applications.

Their development from the idea to the finished product.

Website and application maintenance with continuous work on their improvement.

Creative use of AR/VR technology to enrich communication.


“Actions speak louder than words”

Determining the target groups; planning the advertising campaigns and optimization of the budget.

Creating ads, as well as posting them and tracking their performance during the campaign.

Collecting the effects of the performance and their comprehensive analysis.


“Learn good things, bad ones are learned by themselves”

Individual and group employee training.

Internal education of the clients on the topic of online communication.

Trend analysis in different industries.

Event organisations

Design and realization of “digital” events

Complete event organization with the emphasis on using digital technologies in order to engage visitors to the event and ensure their emotional reaction and connection.

Other services

If you have additional requests

Native advertising.

Influence marketing.

E-mail marketing…


We do what we know. We know what we do.




Web solutions