“If you want the core, break the shell”

Online communication strategy by Homepage is a comprehensive document that establishes the foundations and defines the directions of communication, primarily on digital channels.
The goal of the strategy is to broaden the potential of online performance and to support the realisation of your business goals.
The strategy provides guidelines for activities that lead from the existing, to the desired online position, optimizes investment in digital channels and ensures competitiveness in the online market.

Content production

“A bird is known by its feathers, but a man is known by his words”

Production and adaption of the content according to the goals, target groups and channels.

Homepage has in-house content production studio for different purposes, such as: social media, newsletters, animated

explainer videos, mobile apps (AR and VR), advertising (banners).

Social media

“Who you are with, that’s what you are like”

Together we plan your social media appearance.

We create the original social media content and advertise it, and communicate with the online community.

Web development

“Strike while the iron is hot”

Complete custom website development, according to the client’s needs, type of business, requirements.

Phases in website development by Homepage are: website strategic planning and wireframing, design, development,

deployment and testing, training for website maintenance.

Beside websites, we develop landing pages, web and mobile apps.

Online advertising

“Actions speak louder than words”

Paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google (search + display).

Agency’s media planners are Google Certified Individuals and Homepage is Google Partner.The process is consisted of the

following steps: determining target groups/personas, setting up goals, creating ads (copy+design), campaign launch. real-time

performance tracking, optimisation, analyses and reporting.


We do what we know. We know what we do.