As always, in #homepagers style. And if we can know a day by a morning, 2023. is promising. 🎉

Every year, we aim to complete the final project (read “New Year’s Party”) with 100% success. That’s why all the Homepagers joined forces and created an atmosphere that is actively retold in the agency at least until the middle of February, and again at the end of the year, before the new party. So we are very dedicated. 🙂

This time we celebrated with great food and drinks and even better music, so the good mood and songs were the highlight of the evening, and of course our Instagram stories. We convey a bit of the atmosphere to you through the photos – if you feel like you can hear them, it’s probably Čola.

After the celebration and the official send-off in 2022, let’s summarize the impressions:

The previous year was marked by a lot of inspiring projects, good results and recognitions that are particularly pleasing to us. We are not modest when it comes to plans and goals for 2023. We are fully prepared to give our maximum and remain up to the task, as we have been up to now.

In 2023, among other things, we plan to continue pushing the boundaries in every sense. We plan for everything to grow – knowledge, creativity, results, portfolio… As this year has also brought some valuable recognition for our work on the foreign market, we continue to literally push the boundaries.

A serious and interesting journey awaits us, so stay with us in this New Year. 🥂