We are definitely adding to the annual plan to expand the space for prizes in our office because they arrive one after another! We are not complaining at all, we will always make room for them. 🙌

This time, a very important project for us was awarded – Homepage Academy, a platform for online education, which follows and brings the latest trends and knowledge in the field of marketing, entrepreneurship, and related fields. We won recognition for the Top50 Best Online Things in 2022 by PC Press, in the Education & Culture category. This prestigious award has been given to the best websites, apps, and social media accounts since 1997, and we are particularly proud that this is the seventh Top50 award we have received.

Via the link, find out which courses are available at Homepage Academy and why it is recognized as a quality online learning platform, both by numerous participants and by the professional public. One thing is sure – whichever course you decide on, you will be getting the knowledge of professionals whose expertise has been confirmed in practice.