In one of the previous articles, I portrayed the communication opportunities that the development of augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR) brings. The conclusion I drew was: “New technologies bear huge marketing potential. In the age of information overload and ever-shorter attention spans, a chance to tell a captivating story and tap into the collective mind of the audience is utterly precious. Namely, innovative technology aligned with other aspects of the digital marketing strategy can be a powerful weapon in the hands of those who know how to utilize it.” 

Considering I am a big fan of the proverb “walk what you talk”, I am going to present you with a few examples of these technologies, which our clients can benefit from.  Here is a story about how we took advantage of opportunities out there and displayed tech mastery while at it.

“Just Out Festival”— AR App for a Historical Object 

Festival of lost values “Just Out” is an annual international event with a unique concept. 

Since 2015, it has been held in the magnificent monastery “Manasija” every November. Its purpose is to honor the erection of one of the most beautiful medieval compounds in the region. Despot Stefan Lazarević was the one who did it almost 600 years ago.  

This is a big cultural and historical manifestation that aims to represent Serbia, as well as its history and culture, in earnest and positive light. It reminds us of the important strategic position our country held in medieval times and the role it played in the European community of nations. The fact that more than 200 warriors in full knight gear come to take part in the competitions speaks volumes about the magnitude of the event. Thanks to the sponsorship of the #Huawei, Homepage agency devised and developed an Augmented Reality app for this occasion. 

AR or augmented reality is a technology that enables rendering of information from the real world and blends it with computer-generated images and content. The combined interface is then displayed on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device. As a result, user experience is broadened and enriched with additional information. 

As for “Manasija” monastery and the event itself, they were presented in a completely new way. All of this was made possible thanks to our tech expertise. Those who were interested could download the app via Google Play Store and Apple Store.

“Clue in the Bottle, Sales in Coke” — AR as a Tool for Gamification

In order to make career development in the sales departments of the Coca-Cola HBC more approachable to young people, we conceived and initiated “Clue in the Bottle, Sales in Coke” activation. At the campus, a unique escape room was set up with more than 300 people entering the challenge-solving contest. The project relied heavily on online communication and new digital technologies, including AR. 

“Virtual Tour of Innovation”— A VR App 

Ceramics factory “Keramika Kanjiža“ was founded in 1980. For more than three decades, its products have represented a paragon of domestic quality worthy of international markets. Owing to cutting-edge manufacturing equipment and Italian dyes and design, the factory rises above the ranks of the competition in Serbia.

Since 2016, “Keramika Kanjiža“ organizes an annual showcasing of its new product assortment to key clients. This special event takes place simultaneously with the International Building Trade Fair in Belgrade. Managers and salespeople hang out with prominent investors, ceramics showroom owners, architects, and other major clients. The dedicated space is specially designed and equipped for this purpose. There is also a discrete program that enhances the whole event but does not distract from the focal point— samples of new products. The main goal is to fill the crucial client in on novelties in the area of technology and design, as well as to entice them to use related products in the upcoming building endeavors. An additional goal comes in the form of maintaining good business relationships and solidifying corporate reputation. 

In a separate area, where the event was held in 2017, we find all the technical equipment required for attendees to embark on a virtual journey through the “Keramika Kanjiza” factory. They highly appreciate the chance to take a peek into the manufacturing facility and get familiar with the production process unraveling there. 

Reactions were overwhelmingly positive because conceptually, the event allowed guests to authentically experience the ins and outs of how the factory operates. They are also able to emotionally connect with the brand they’ve come to trust and cooperate with. The positive impact on the business bottom line wasn’t missing either.

These projects, due to results accomplished and to our clients’ delight, scored awards on marketing contests. 

VR as a Support for BTL Activities 

Over the years, Homepage agency has collaborated with one of the most renowned BTL agencies in Serbia, “Poliplan 1to1”. To meet their specific needs, we developed VR applications that, through publishing and entertainment, transmit messages of their clients and engage future users. 

VR Basketball for “Braun” Company 

Via funny pastime and exhibition of their skills, the participants in this particular activation had a chance to win great rewards.

VR “Krušovice Castle” for „Heineken“

This activation contributed to image of traditional and quality Czech beer. People eagerly participated in cafes, which were visited by „Poliplan“ promoters. 

Contact us and we will help you come up with effective and appealing AR and VR apps. Let’s make something happen together!