What is it about “Macarena” that makes us always happy when we hear it? Not to mention the choreography that moves us all, again and again. Music experts would probably say that it is about a catchy melody and simple choreography that are, in one word – evergreen.

If you’re here, you’re probably wondering if it’s possible for social media content to also be timeless? In fact, evergreen content is all around us and you’ve probably come across it often without even realizing it. In this text, we reveal to you what is the secret of such content and what makes it resistant to time. To begin with, let’s be clear:

What is evergreen content?

“Evergreen” literally means evergreen, and as the word itself says, these trees remain green throughout the year, and that is exactly why it is used as a term for the content we provide to our audience. Therefore, evergreen content is content that is interesting to readers, not only at the moment when it is published but also for a longer period of time after that.

In order to keep our visitors and followers on different channels, it is important that part of the content is focused on evergreen content.

Why is evergreen content important?

First of all, it focuses on future-proof topics. As time goes on, the influence of evergreen content will grow, as will the interest of the audience.

Also, evergreen content will be searched more than temporary topics, which means that our content will be repeated for a longer time and rank better in search, which further leads to an increase in website traffic.

In this way, we create value, both for customers (by providing useful information) and for ourselves (by increasing traffic on marketing channels).

Also, through evergreen content, we can encourage clients to buy our product or service, if they haven’t done so before.

Over time, you can consistently promote this type of content across all marketing channels, making sure we never run out of ideas.

And now, for all those who have been patient, let’s get specific:

What does good evergreen content mean?

  1. Researching keywords that our audience is searching for. We can research keywords online (example: Ahrefs) or through interviews, questions and answers on our social networks. 
  2. Creating content that will include keywords that are of great importance to our audience when searching for solutions to certain questions. It is important that the content is precise and clear, without directly selling the product. Therefore, by providing evergreen content, we provide the audience with useful information and thus gain their trust. 
  3. Regularly renewing content, supplementing with possible news, updating links, research, reposting on social networks and the like, can give our content a new perspective and attract new visitors to our channels.

The connection between social media posts and evergreen content…

Evergreen content can also be used in social media posts. As we said before, it is important to provide the audience with interesting content that will not be affected by the time. It’s the same on social networks. Some of the examples of evergreen content on social networks are: interesting facts about the brand or products, brand values, history, features and benefits of the product, educational posts related to the use of the product, useful tips for users. Of course, evergreen content should be consistent with your brand and the services/products you provide.

Why is it important to provide evergreen content on social networks? One of the main reasons is that such posts will last longer than “regular” posts. From a content creator’s point of view, evergreen content is a relief because we can prepare it earlier and work on it whenever we have time. Just in case we’re in a rush, pre-made posts always come in handy.

What are concrete examples of evergreen content?

Until now, we could conclude that evergreen content should include topics that will constantly (or at least for a longer period of time) be relevant and that will attract the audience, both new and old. Here are some of our examples of such content:

 Finally, to summarize…

In order to be constantly active on all digital communication channels, we need to provide our followers with useful content. In this way, they get value through information that is useful to them, and we get satisfied followers, as well as an increase in the number of website visitors and our online community. Win-win combination, right?

If you also want evergreen content on the social networks of your business and you need help in it’s creation, feel free to contact us.

Part of the content is inspired by the text from the Astute website.