The end of the year is the time when we think about everything we’ve done in the past 12 months. We also plan what to do over the next 12. It’s the same in life as in the business world. New Year campaigns are reaching their end, as we brace for celebrations and a few days of a much-needed holiday break. 

What could one brand, marketing or PR manager write down as digital marketing resolutions to implement in 2020? For some resolutions, we can help you with the articles already published on our blog. Others are being prepared just for you. Stay tuned in the New Year! 

I will approach digital strategically

Although present in the form of a document, the strategy is actually a process that shapes all your online activities. It sets the timetable, place, and means of deployment, and lines up necessary resources. Regardless of whether you’ve already paved the way or only taking the first steps, the strategy is the cornerstone of your online endeavor, a roadmap to conquering the market. 

I will set clear and measurable goals 

Setting goals clearly and identifying the target group can save a whole lot of time and money. These two elements are the foundation of any effective strategy. Every click costs and you don’t want to squander on clicks with no chance of converting. The goals of digital marketing stem from business and communication goals. So, in case the business goals aren’t fleshed out, you need to take a step back and do that. The most common pitfall people encounter is related to perceiving digital marketing as a separate entity. In truth, it’s an integral part of the bigger picture, which encompasses all other business activities. 

I will follow trends and innovate

New technologies impact how we live and view the world around us. Moreover, these technologies will continue to shape the way we communicate, especially in the online realm. This is closely linked to marketing and its future outlook. You have to get familiar with trends, evaluate the effects of adoption, and plan ahead of time. On top of that, you should align tech transformation with strategies and put it in the context of your business and communication goals. Under these conditions, staying abreast of trends in marketing and communication is more than justified. 

I will explore and leverage new opportunities 

Real marketers always have the urge to innovate and map uncrated territories. As much as we look for opportunities that unleash our imagination and bring new and exciting possibilities, we must do everything in our power to escape the trap of complacency. In marketing, creativity should never be an end in itself, but the vehicle for accomplishing the communication objectives of our clients. 

I will use digital for employer branding 

The internet has shifted how people obtain information and employers should pay close attention to how they are represented online. This rule goes not only for assets you own (website, social media) and paid media (job boards) but also reputation management on channels that you’re not in charge of (forums, private social media profiles) — the so-called shared media. 

I will develop various content

People go online because of other people and the content they consume. This content can be in the form of shorter or longer articles, animation, videos… But, the critical thing is it matches the interests of those who visit you online: buyers, app users, as well as people who watch, read, comment on, and share content via social media. If you give them something that piques their interest, comes in useful, or has entertainment value, they will offer their trust in return and also keep coming back for more. From there to conversion is just one click. 

I will dedicate attention to UGC

New generations of buyers know what they want to say, and they harness social media to voice their opinion. Therefore, a modern smartphone with a stable internet connection is an absolute must-have. It allows people to generate content effortlessly and share it across social networks too. Users place utmost trust in user-generated content (UGC), which is to say the content that is crafted by social media users themselves. This is their primary source of information. 

I will follow analytic insights and ponder the effects 

Online channels of communication and mobile apps give us ever-greater opportunities to track our activities in real-time. The old saying goes: “half the budget goes to marketing, the only problem being we don’t know where the other half goes”. Now, we are able to grasp that missing segment much easier. We can literally measure everything and consequently enhance our processes and results. 

I will smartly invest in promotion 

Digital Marketing offers a slew of tools, possibilities, and options that enable us to invest money more prudently. When spending on promotion, we aspire to gear the internet machine to our advantage. To make it happen, we need more conversion, less talk

I will find time for myself

Digital Marketing requires you to be in good shape, keeping up the pace with trends and new technologies. It calls for flexibility, adaptability, and ability to withstand pressure. This should all ignite the fire within, from the moment you get up in the morning, happy to do what you love. Consider also squeezing in a training session before all that.

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