Website Redesign for Mokra Gora School of Management


Mokra Gora School of Management


The primary challenge of this project was to organize content that Mokra Gora School of Management wanted to offer to its site visitors and do it as clearly and comprehensively as possible. The main goal entailed showcasing various management programs, but also improving user experience (UX) and enabling visitors to pick the suitable module of education and professional development with just a few clicks involved.


To begin with, the site underwent visual redesign and optimization. We recognized its structure and created a functioning and attractive home page, which highlights all services that Mokra Gora School of Management provides. While going about the redesign, we closely collaborated with the client in order to develop the best solutions regarding site visualization. Since the website is commercial in nature, we employed various calls-to-actions (CTAs) with the aim of ensuring the most effective lead and sales generation.
In addition, we integrated a filter that takes into account several simple questions about the type of desired professional development and past management experience. Using this filter and via answers to their questions, the users are able to get recommendations on what the ideal program for them is. We optimized the content in accordance with site goals and created program application forms, all with the purpose of generating a prospect base.


Enhanced user experience has substantially streamlined the path to clear and accurate information, saving precious time and facilitating user interactions with the Mokra Gora School of Management that have course enrollment as their end goal.
The visual identity and branding have been improved and their subsequent application successfully emphasized CTAs as key elements of the website.

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