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Nutrino Lab fruit snack is known to consumers and the digital audience for its vivid colors and packaging design, practicality, and 100% natural ingredients - fruits (and vegetables) without additives. The communication and visual identity of the digital content was aimed at emphasizing these characteristics, but over time we came up with a question that, in the end, resulted in a change in the complete communication and visual identity of the brand. What question could be so revolutionary? It's very simple - how is Nutrino Lab consumed?

It is clear that it is consumed from the pouch package and is a fruit pulp, but is it eaten, drunk, or pushed out...? 😃 We came to the conclusion that there is no word that authentically describes the experience of consuming this product. Therefore, it was necessary to find a different solution. As a result, the client introduced us to a new creative concept and a new expression: Unscrew the cap and SQUEEZE! Our task was to adapt the communication and content for Nutrino Lab on social networks to the new creative concept, key messages, and an updated visual identity.


The first phase of the awareness campaign on digital was to familiarize the audience with the new expression, focusing on explaining the consumption process in steps. For easier communication, the steps are presented through stickers. In a visual sense, we have completely adapted the content to the new colors of the brand, with elements of real photographs of fruits and vegetables. In addition to those steps, stickers also communicate the main features and advantages of the product, so we decided to "shake it up" and turn it into GIF stickers, which we regularly use on Instagram stories. The stickers were well-received among the audience, especially when it comes to content created by users of the so-called UGC.

The audience generates content on a daily basis that we share through Instagram stories. That’s why we decided to create different backgrounds for Instagram stories in brand colors and with stickers - to be used both for sharing UGC and for sharing brand content and creating interactive Instagram stories.

In addition to the designed video and static formats, the feed is equally represented by real-feel photos, which we use to evoke occasions for consumption, especially bearing in mind that Nutrino Lab is convenient for takeaway, and therefore an ideal snack for a wide variety of occasions.

​​One part of the content is dedicated to viral internet topics and memes, where we use the opportunity to create reactive posts that usually have the best results when it comes to reach and engagement on a monthly basis.

An example of this kind of content is a post that reached a million people and had almost 10.000 interactions in a month - related to the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. Since Konstrakta's performance became viral already after the semi-finals, we decided to react immediately with adjusted communication and a combination of Nutrino Lab brand colors and recognizable elements of Konstraka's costume as a way of representing the product. The post was published before the PZE22 final, and it turned out that it predicted the winner! 🏆

Another post that achieved outstanding results was published during the final week of the Survivor reality show, when we created a post using visual elements associated with the show, with a combination of Nutrino Lab branding and product. We have also adjusted the communication, with a clear message: "Squeeze for personal immunity." The post met with significant reactions from the audience and achieved a reach of over a million users.

Nutrino Lab snacks are used by influencers from all over Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and North Macedonia almost every day. We share their content both on the story and as part of customized content on the feed. We keep the content from the story in the "Lab family" Highlights section.


Although the campaign is still ongoing, the results show that the organic reach and the number of interactions on individual posts at four markets are growing monthly. In addition to likes and comments, the public shares and saves our posts in large numbers (which further increases visibility), especially when it comes to reactive content and memes. 

HERE you can see what the content we are talking about looks like, but also on the Instagram profile of the @nutrinolab brand..

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