Supporting startup: from idea to MVP


Fintech Startup from Switzerland


The idea of ​​Fintech Startup from Switzerland is to help people reach their personal financial goal through a ​​complex software tool - to teach them how to save, how to make their personal financial plans, etc. Based on the parameters, their tool ​​calculates the risks, estimates the time for reaching the goal and gives answers to the questions - how and in which way to buy a property, car or something else?

Our task was to make a complete project task, to define all processes in application development (project documentation, design, development, go-to-live), to the ultimate goal - MVP web application (Minimal Valuable Product) that is responsive on mobile devices. In other words - to make the product that is ready for presentation to funds and investors.


In order to successfully implement such a complex project, it was necessary to set it clearly through time, resources, teams, etc. The whole procedure was done according to the SCRUM model of project development. This process gave clear guidelines of what we do in what time period, and what scope of work we will do in a given time.

Based on the client’s idea, we developed a complete documentation of the project task and moved on to its implementation – through the second phase of the project. Following the project documentation, we did the complete design of the application and its development in a very high-quality way.

After a year, we successfully implemented a project that brought great experience to the entire team. Startups are operating in an extremely challenging field, due to the large number of unknowns, but it is precisely for that reason that a professional and methodical approach is the key to the success of making a quality product.


The product we developed “from the scratch” is a fully functional MVP for presentation. After the first interaction with investors, the startup received a fund of 300,000 Swiss francs, which shows that the synergy between the client with the idea and us as a manufacturer, on the other hand, was exceptional. For us as a team, this is an important experience and confirmation that we are ready for large innovative projects.