Performance campaign: ŠKODA


AC Intersrem


AC Intersrem is a ŠKODA dealer that has been operating in Novi Sad for 30 years. Given the habits of the modern consumer and the context of everyday life due to the coronavirus pandemic - it was necessary to adjust the approach to car sales and use the potential of online communication channels.


We have created a landing page based on the sales funnel principle, through which the current offer of ŠKODA vehicles could be presented in a very clear and direct way – i.e. the one with a shorter delivery time and focus on the most attractive and best-selling versions of ŠKODA models.

In this way, we shortened the path for potential buyers from the initial contact with the offer of AC Intersrem to a specific car (specific specification and price) and optimized the process of processing inquiries and sales for the client.

We adapted the communication to the target group, informed and educated them with a clear call-to-action (CTA) in the form of invitations to schedule a test drive, call a car salon or explore the offer of current models – using performance marketing and smart advertising on Facebook/Instagram and Google platform.


The maximally focused landing page with clear CTA, and the performance of the campaign targeting Novi Sad and the whole of Vojvodina, resulted in a far larger network of customers, and an increase in inquiries and test drives by more than 50%, and thus also the number of sold vehicles.

Find out more about the project – HERE.