Linkedin campaign for successful B2B sales




Valvoline, a brand that has been in business for over 150 years, is also known for its portfolio of products for the maintenance of machines and plants in the construction, agricultural, mining and other industries. Due to the specifics of these industries, a special challenge for sales is to generate qualified and quality leads, which was the goal of the campaign.


Having in mind B2B nature of communication, the decision was to implement the campaign on the LinkedIn platform. Anyone who has encountered campaigns aimed at collecting leads knows very well that it is not enough to "turn on the tap" when it comes to the budget. Even when the promotion takes place on LinkedIn, where you can certainly reach the decision makers that we are targeting - in addition to wanting to receive the ad, the topic should interest them to the extent that they are willing to invest themselves into fillng out the lead generation form and leaveing their data.

We came to the solution and success of the campaign thanks to the excellent cooperation with the client who gave us a fairly detailed brief about the target industries, relevant positions and competitors. We crossed these important insights with the experience and knowledge of the agency's team, which further crystallized the strategy, which meant that the three key items of the campaign would be:
-Smart targeting of stakeholders
-Usage of Lead Gen ad form
-Providing instant benefits for filling out the form

Special attention was paid to the content of the ads that clearly communicated the benefit to the target groups - a guide for the usage of Valvoline ointment. This type of benefit is of interest to a narrow target group that is being targeted. Therefore, the idea was not to attract a large number of unqualified leads, but a sufficient number of leads that are clearly defined.

An important point was the creation of a form that had to be easy to fill out and set up, so as to take as little time as possible for the user - but at the same time to provide the necessary information to the sales sector. Users gained access to the guide only after filling out the form. We created the guide with special care while the client made sure that the content of the guide was really useful. This has certainly affected the image of the company and the trust that customers need to gain and maintain.
During the campaign, various creatives were tested, and by monitoring the results and constant optimization, the budget was focused on those solutions that showed the best results.


During the month of the campaign, 80 people from the desired industries across Europe were generated as leads. In addition to the business contact email, each completed form also contained information on what exactly people were interested in, which made it easier to classify sales contacts by sector. This shows once again how important marketing support is for sales success.

If you find yourself in a situation where you want to improve the sales of your products or services, consider starting a lead generation campaign. We are here to discuss the challenges with you and suggest a strategy for overcoming them - contact us!