Educational explainer video


Coca-Cola HBC Serbia


​​It is known that Coca-Cola is the most famous soft drink in the world, enjoyed by millions every day. When we open it, we expect a well-known sound, famous bubbles and a distinctive taste. However, it sometimes happens that one of these expectations is not met by the end consumer, and that is for a simple reason - incorrect handling, preservation or storage of the beverage. For our long-time client Coca-Cola HBC Serbia, consumers are in the first place - that's why there was a need for the localization of an educational video on the topic of proper handling of the product, for the sales sector in the territory of Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo. A creative solution was our task.


As it is a video that should point out to employees all the situations that must be anticipated and avoided in order for Coca-Cola to maintain its high quality, it was necessary that our video maintain attention from beginning to end. In order to achieve this, we decided on an animated video, which humorously presents all the critical situations in which Coca-Cola can find itself during storage and distribution – because unlike humans, Koca has a hard time adapting to its environment. As a result, Coca-Cola suffers, and when it suffers, consumers are not happy either. 🙂

In addition to being humorous, it was important to maintain an educational tone through the narration and highlight the seriousness of various situations that can threaten the quality of the beverage in different ways. The subtitle, which accompanies the complete narrative part of the video, also contributed to this.

In the end, we came up with a 3-minute video that you can watch here, and which we are sure will be useful to employees as well to consumers.

If you also need a creative solution through which you would like to clarify a certain process, or bring different topics closer to employees, users or potential clients – feel free to contact us!