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Brico S - Novi Sad


In light of the accelerated digitalization of many processes, especially in business and sales, the Brico-S retail chain has recognized the importance of e-commerce.
The main goal was to create an online shop that would adequately respond to the needs of a large number of users but at the same time a vast amount of products on the online shop. In addition, great attention had to be paid to the most pleasant user experience, especially the possibility of further scaling of the entire e-commerce system and connecting it to the internal ERP system for tracking inventory, stock, and prices within the company.


With all these goals in mind, we decided to create an entirely new and custom e-commerce solution "from scratch" fully adapted to the client's needs - with the Laravel framework. Thus, we have provided adequate speed and responsiveness, scaling and the possibility of further adaptation in accordance with some future business needs, and maximally simplified administration of the entire system.
In this way, we have provided the client with an online store that is ready to deal with over 10,000 products and a large number of inquiries - users (and their actions) at the same time - as the world's largest e-shops. In other words, even during the most intensive sales periods when there are a considerable number of active customers in the online store, the system is stable, without downtime or customers leaving the website.


From the first day of launch, the Brico S online store has exceptional traffic of about 50,000 users per month, with an optimal user interface and user experience (UX-UI) at the level of major global online stores - with an increase in audience retention by as much as 70% and optimal site loading speed.
The new online shop has enabled significant scalability in terms of expanding categories, the number of new products, adapting to a large number of purchases and responsiveness in the optimized display on both mobile and desktop devices.
From the aspect of the administration of such a large webshop, the entire system is connected to the ERP system, which enables automatic synchronization of stock, products and prices, which greatly facilitates the daily work of the Brico-S team.

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