COVID-19 and Post-COVID-19 Content for Ada Mall


Ada Mall


Ada Mall was opened in May 2019 and it represents a unique place where people can meet and spend some time together. It has an inviting and friendly atmosphere, and the view from its terraces is breathtaking.
When the Republic of Serbia declared a state of emergency due to the coronavirus pandemic, Ada Mall was shut down to an indefinite period of time, and only three shops in the mall remained open and continued to offer their services to people for a limited period of time.
It took some effort to acclimate to the new situation and stay connected with our audience during such a period of uncertainty. That way we were able to continue to nurture our mutual relationship and go through these challenging times together.


Keeping the fans and followers updated and stimulating them to interact on social media in such times required an different approach.
We realized that it was extremely important to continue to communicate with our target audience and create content that will meet their needs as well as the ones of the client. We wanted to get people’s attention and provide them with information and entertainment during lockdown, but at the same time we wanted to subtly remind them about all those beautiful moments they spent in Ada Mall.


There were three stages of the COVID-19 content creation process:
– During the state of emergency, we published the so called “lifestyle posts” and trivia about the part of the city where Ada Mall is located.
– Prior to the reopening of the mall, we made a video to inform people about the safety measures that had been taken to make them feel safe while shopping or spending time at the mall.
– For the purpose of the opening of the mall, we designed an infographic that showed the rules of conduct at the mall.
We received positive feedback on all three stages of the COVID-19 content creation process, so we managed to convince our target audience to continue putting their trust in Ada Mall.

Here you can see more about the project.