Coca-Cola HBC Serbia


Coca-Cola Youth Empowered is a national program of Coca-Cola HBC Serbia, organized for five years. It aims to help young people aged 18 to 30 on the path of personal and professional development. The participants had the opportunity to improve their personal skills and acquire knowledge that would help them in their job search. In the circumstances of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it was necessary that during the entire 2021, the program be implemented exclusively online.


We implemented the program through several educational units focusing on mentoring interviews and the first Coca-Cola Youth Empowered master class.
We have proposed online education in cooperation with mentors - the so-called Mentoring talks. Top experts and proven professionals from various companies took part and shared their experiences and tips for career development. Each mentoring interview also included a Q&A segment, in which the lecturers answered the participants' questions. Mentoring talks were organized in the agency studio, which significantly contributed to the quality of the realized content.

The first master class - an online event, was realized live in the studio of our agency, and the topic was empowering new generations for the jobs of the future. We have organized this online event through the Webinar Jam platform. A high level of production quality was achieved thanks to the conditions of studio work and the platform's benefits. Adding introductory and final jingles and editing the background (designing a "green screen" screen in accordance with the project's visual identity) and Q&A segment during the live broadcast and monitoring sessions contributed to the quality of realized content.

We have spread the information about the sessions, the concept, and the invitation to participate with the support of the SMART promotion on the social networks Facebook and Instagram and through an active Google campaign.
In this way, despite the ungrateful epidemiological situation, we have successfully motivated a significant number of participants and continued to support young people in empowerment and professional development.


During the last three months of 2021, a total of 14 mentoring interviews were held twice a week for 60 minutes per session - followed by one master class with four lecturers. The average rating of the participants in the online survey was 4.5 out of 5 - the mentor interviews had more than 680 views during their presentations, while the master class event recorded 295 views. In addition, the trainings remained available on the platform, as a quality educational material for all interested young people in the future. The results and impressions shared by the participants speak about the quality of the lecturers, the organization of events and the success of the project, despite the challenges of the epidemiological situation that the previous year brought.