Barcaffe Lattiato – Campaign for a digital-first brand




Barcaffe Lattiato is part of the new RTD coffee category. Our task was to create a digital-first strategy for the brand as well as the whole digital appearance. The main idea was to present Lattiato as a brand inspired with optimism and joy in 5 different countries: Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


After a detailed analysis of the environment, we have noticed that the online market in the region is suitable for Barcaffe Lattiato's performance since the competing brands in this field do not have a convincing presence. Two target groups were defined and three pillars of communication were set up, especially categories and products as well as functional and emotional benefits. Communication had a positive, friendly, and dynamic tone that mostly took place on social networks. Furthermore, we made POSM (Point of Sale Materials). The whole marketing strategy was based on the 'see-think-do-care' innovative Google model.


With our campaign, we achieved an engagement of 1,037,881 and a reach of 3,381,225. We have established great collaborations with influencers from Serbia, Slovenia, and Croatia and increased product awareness among our target group. Barcaffe Lattiato was mostly sold out in stores.

Here you can see the whole project.