Monthly photoshoot


Baby Food Factory - Nutrino


Nutrino is a domestic baby food brand following the highest European standards. Our task was to tell a story behind the Nutrino brand and create content in accordance with the clients business goals and the target group.


In order to promote the existing content, freshen up the feed and highlight brand values, we started organising regular photoshoots in our studio. Through authentic content, we tried to bring brand emotion and atmosphere to life on social media profiles and to show the product in real-life situations that are close to everyone. During this, and similar projects, we are carefully planning, doing research and executing mood boards. Through these mood boards, we strive to bring our ideas to life with the help of appropriate scenarios, props and with the help of the whole team.


Regular photo shootings brought good results on social media through engagement, awareness and raising the visibility of the brand and its benefits. As the community reacted and started to feel a connection with the brand, we began gaining the trust of parents.

Here you can see more about the project.