For starters, Women’s day celebrates them 🙂

Joke aside, we are a team that does not talk about gender equality and is not only committed to it at International Women’s Day. It is the value we truly live by and about which we are unanimous every other day of the year.

This topic is also present in our informal conversations and is woven into our internal culture. Homepagers (female and male) support each other every day and in all situations. They are ready to deal with all challenges, business and life.

For International Women’s Day, we traditionally fought with one easier and sweeter challenge of tasting cakes in a new pastry shop in the city 🙂 We gave each other strong support in choosing sweets (that was not easy), hung out, laughed and of course, created a ton of content for Instagram stories – is there another option?!

Since our commitment to equality is sincere, we brought the cakes to the agency for the male part of the team for March 8. We don’t have photos to show it, because men have this strange habit of eating a cake without taking a picture of it, but OK – it’s okay to be different, as long as we are equal 🙂