How do you colour the city?

This is a story about the youth of Novi Sad. Our goal was to turn them into ambassadors of the city, which was awarded European Youth Capital Winner for 2019. Indeed, young people should act as bearers of positive, creative, and innovative changes.

For this reason, in September 2018, we came up with the question: “How do you colour the city?”. We received the answer from our targeted group— youth, which was given a chance to express its individuality and creativity. From youngsters from the hood, we created stars of the hood, and the energy spilled over to the rest of the city.

With our campaign, we also achieved higher visibility for OPENS, the organization that perceives things from a different angle than others. We supported young people, their talent and passion. Together with them, we painted Novi Sad with energy and opened its doors to the world in 2019!