Baby Food Factory - Nutrino Lab


The Nutrino Lab brand is made for young people - colorful, energetic and always ready to move. In addition to Instagram and Facebook, where this brand is already well known to its audience - its target group is largely present on another popular social network. Of course, on TikTok. In order to expand the brand awareness as efficiently as possible, the idea was to implement a campaign in cooperation with the popular TikTok influencers.


Bearing in mind that the goal of the campaign was to reach as many young people as possible who have different interests and affinities, choosing an influencers was the most important first step. For a start, we wanted the native TickTokers to participate in the campaign, as well as influencers who are already well known to the general public. This is how we came to influencers through which we could adequately convey messages to selected target groups.

We scheduled the activities of the influencers throughout December, since then the holiday euphoria is in full swing and the influencers, as well as the users, are especially active. The aim of the campaign was to spread awareness about Nutrino Lab purees made from 100% fruits and vegetables, but it is important to emphasize that they are packaged in a specific pouch package, so it was necessary to demonstrate the method of consumption (directly from the package). but also their practicality.

This brings us to the second step - briefing the influencers. Followers of popular TickTalkers care about consistency in their content, and when it comes to product placement, the audience appreciates immediacy. That is why we have adapted the brief to influencers to the content that is characteristic of their performance on this social network, in order to present Nutrino Lab to a wider audience in the most authentic way possible. Accordingly, each of the influencers recorded a different type of video.

The focus of some videos was on a more detailed presentation of products and their benefits and characteristics, while others showed different opportunities for consuming functional purees - Wake up mix, Power mix and Fitness mix. In order to segment the content and ensure greater visibility of the brand, all the videos used the hashtags #NutrinoLab #prečicadovoća #100postovoćeipovrće and #onthego, in order to segment the content and draw attention to the characteristics of the brand and the products themselves.


The third and final step was summarizing the results. 📊 Already after the first few days of the campaign, the content attracted the attention of the target group, and the discussion on the videos continued in the comments, where followers asked additional questions, such as product-specific details, outlets, and even requests for an influencer to try certain product and share impressions only about it.

Have we achieved our goal?
The numbers show us the following: Content on influencer channels reached over 250,000 after a month of campaigning, while that number currently exceeds the figure of 350,000 users who were introduced to Nutrino Lab products. The fact that over 90% of users watched the video on the "For You" page also speaks in favor of achieving the goal. Conclusion - Nutrino Lab fruit shortcut successfully found a shortcut to the audience on TikTok. 🙂