TikTok campaign #islazov


Salveo - isla® lozenges


As part of their campaign to raise awareness of the brand isla®, the client has requested to also appeal to the younger target demographics which are increasingly more present on the social network platform TikTok. The client suggested that this part of the campaign be carried out in the form of a fun challenge that would engage the audience and familiarize them with the brand.


In accordance with the briefing, we have started a TikTok campaign #islazov with the goal of fitting in with the typical content available on this platform in a natural way, which would quickly spread among the audience due to that.

In order to increase our reach and visibility on the platform, we have decided to create a challenge which is based on already familiar mechanisms that have shown results in the past, while remaining simple and naturally fitting in with the content of the “For You” page.

Seeing how the isla® lozenge soothe the dry, irritating type of cough, throat irritation and hoarseness while the isla® medic hydro + cherry (isla voice) soothes irritated vocal chords and is intended for anyone who strains their voice in their professional life, we would like to link their use with the challenge itself. We have decided to utilize the duet format as one of the functionalities offered by the application itself and that part of the challenge should also involve influencers with the project because their community overlaps with our target group which is all too happy to respond to influencer challenges and are familiar with that concept. This way, we will increase our reach while also integrating our challenge with the existing content in a natural way.

The influencer would start the “Islazov” challenge on their TikTok profiles where they would invite their audience to duet their videos. In the video, the influencer would be singing a song whose lyrics are coded in three colors in such a way that the influencer sings one color while the other color is sung by the audience who is dueting them and finally the third color is sung together. This is why we have selected influencers who, among other things, also work in singing.

Each of the influencers would demonstrate the efficacy of the isla® lozenges at the start of their video, showing how the product helps the quality of their voice and removes any strain from their throat, after which they would continue to sing with ease. In accordance with the challenge, we have also designed appropriate hashtags that would mark the content and challenges and later enable the audience to follow the duets. The main hashtag will be #islazov, then #islazvezda, #isladuet, #islapastile.


Over the course of this month-long campaign, three influencers have published their video challenges in regular intervals, spreading brand awareness while the audience was entertained, dueting their favorite influencers.

The TikTok content marked by the hashtag #islazov has been viewed over 850 thousand times, shared 920 times, including duets by the audience which can be followed through hashtags.

Over 80% of views came from the “For You” page, which has achieved the goal of spreading brand awareness with the audience in a way that is characteristic for this social networking platform.

In the extension, you can see the TikTok challenge set by the influencers Sergej Pajić, Jenni Martin and Andrija Jo, as well as one of the duet videos.