Storytelling via Homepage Lens




The challenge before us was clear— to convey the scale of Neoplanta’s story and reinforce brand visibility on Instagram. The most important ingredients of a good mood surrounding this project were Neoplanta delicacy products.


Guided by the brief and pillars of communication that allude to the core values of the brand, we decided to hold a photo shoot at the bowery. We carefully picked the location, meticulously drafted a mood board, and communicated the whole atmosphere via established pillars of communication. This was followed by the visual enhancement of the product showcasing. We created adequate content tailored to the target audience and key brand messages. Merging the traditional and modern, we successfully told a simple story of a householder from the plains of Vojvodina. Our dining tables stacked with the most diverse flavors hospitably welcomed family and friends.


We managed to present the memorable moments and day-to-day delights that Neoplanta delicacy products offer.

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