Rebranding & new visual identity




We were presented a creative challenge to create a new visual identity for uWeed - Swiss online shop of CBD products, since the existing visual identity wasn't sufficiently attractive or recognisable, and the logo wasn't in line with policies on most advertising platforms.

Coming up with the complete visual identity was a part of the rebranding process, which was meant to be in correlation with the new tagline “Delivering happiness”, that reflects the brand's values and philosophy.


We decided to tweak the letter “U” from the brand's name (uWeed) into the smiley face, which is an universal symbol of happiness.

From the technical point of view, the new logo is easily applicable and modern. The favicon that derived from the logo can also be easily used as an element in online and print applications.

The palette consists of seven vibrant colors with high contrast, to give the customers a sense of joy.

We have chosen two readable and clear sans serif fonts to create a sense of comfort and functionality and thus further motivate customers to return to the uweed product and website.

The fonts are also serious, but not too serious, and perfectly match our brand message because of that.

LOOK UP  what it looks like, along with the key elements of the brand book.

HERE you can find content examples

The update of the visual identity for uWeed was also recognized by the professional community, since it was awarded as Gold winner 2022 at the MarCom Awards international competition in the Brand refresh category, as well within the Web Excellence Awards for 2022, among more than 1,200 entries from 39 countries around the world.

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