Campaign and content adapted to COVID 19 pandemic


Baby Food Factory - Nutrino


Since the initial spring campaign—which focused on the promotion of a to-go product ideal for outdoor consummation—had to be postponed, we reacted quickly. As the focus of all activities shifted to digital sphere, we came up with a way to make the lockdown period less stressful and more amusing for kids and their parents.


In April 2020, we launched Nutrino Game Room, which we used to place more value on our target group and give them our support. The online platform made it possible for our audience to find a place where they can spend some time together and play while staying at home.
The platform was designed to be accessible from desktop and mobile devices. We strived to make the game room equally fun for kids and their parents. On the existing website, we created a landing page that featured three games—a coloring book, a puzzle, and a memory game. We also thought about those who prefer a more traditional type of leisure, so we made the coloring book available to download and print.
Nutrino Game Room was supported by strong Facebook, Instagram and Google campaigns, and the entire content was adapted for the markets of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Albania.


During a one-month period of the campaign, our Facebook ad had over 1.000.000 views, the platform had nearly 40.000 visits, and the coloring book was downloaded over 2.000 times. Also, Nuntrino Game Room was featured at classroom.google.com, so we can assume that teachers shared a link to the Nutrino Game Room to animate the pupils.

You can find out more about the project HERE.