New Concept of Communication Supporting the Promotion of “Startup for Science” Project


Philip Morris Serbia


Our task was to boost user interactions on the Facebook page “Startup for Science” through a new approach to scientific content, as well as to communicate it in a different, non-stereotypical way. This was meant to make the content more accessible to people and align it with the new application process for the “Startup for Science” contest.


In order to achieve this, we added approachable, enigmatic, and funny qualities to the style and tone of communication with the community. We devised a concept based on various types of content and related topics— scientific news, curiosities, interactive and informative content, as well as CTA posts in which we conveyed essential information linked to the “Startup for Science” program and the contest application process. All of this was accompanied by a suitable visual style, which we used to emphasize the details of the story we wanted to tell.


This kind of concept contributed to the increase in the number of interactions on the Facebook page, as evident through a large number of comments, reactions, and shares of the “Startup for Science” content. Besides that, during the contest campaign, we insisted on a direct and clear CTA, which in combination with the communication fine-tuning resulted in a higher number of applications for the “Startup for Science” contest. The average engagement rate for posts was 7.06% and people started commenting and sharing the content more.

You can find out more about this project here.