Name and Visual Identity for Kruševac Shopping Park


Nepi Real Estate Project Two


Our task was to come up with a name and devise a brand identity for the first shopping mall in the town of Kruševac. The goal was clear— to represent the shopping mall as a place with close ties to the community and a wide selection of affordable products.


In order to communicate the purpose of the complex through its brand name, we settled on “Kruševac Shopping Park— The Capital of Fine Shopping“. After all, it's a well-known fact that citizens of Kruševac take pride in their home town, which was once the capital of great Prince Lazar. Thus, we’ve decided to add this historical background to the name of the shopping mall.


The name and slogan are accompanied by a modern and eye-catching logo that features distinctive colors and is suited for various applications, both online and offline.

You can find more about this project here.