Future English – promo video


British Council


Future English Online Teacher Community is a new British Council peer-led online platform
for English language teachers which provides a forum where teachers can engage in new
ideas and relevant discussions, share knowledge and experience, reflect on their practice
and take part in the research. The Online Teacher Community platform has been designed with the aim to further develop English language teaching communities across the world and to sustain and additionally grow the British Council’s interaction and support for English language teachers

It was necessary to present features of the platform to teachers in order to outline the overall concept and increase teacher engagement and the video was used for promotion via newsletters, briefing sessions, etc.


We developed the storyboard of the animated video that pointed out the key benefits of the platform for English language teachers, in combination with screen grabs of the website presentation - supported by the voice-over and captions highlighting the key messages and facts.

In the end, we produced the main video like the long version and a couple of short ones for the purposes of social media advertising. 

If you need an animated video to support your business or an explainer video to showcase some process, project etc - feel free to contact us!