Employer branding strategy




Finding quality candidates who match the internal culture and job requirements is a big challenge for every employer today. Especially for those who operate in an extremely competitive IT industry. In order for someone to be recognized as a good employer, it should first be that, and then, through its employer branding activities, achieve visibility in the community.

Our client Zesium is one of the pioneers of the IT industry in Novi Sad and thanks to successful projects, it has been operating for more than 18 years. Although realistically a very good employer with a high employee satisfaction rate, Zesium was not sufficiently recognized by the target group. The task we were given is to develop a strategy that will change that and improve Zesuim's position as an employer.

An additional challenge was to attract specific profiles of candidates who fit into the existing culture and values ​​of the company - team-oriented, eager to learn and improve, and at the same time ready to be mentors and share their knowledge.


In order to interest the candidates who will fit into the existing team and share the values ​​of Zesium, it was important to get to know and understand the existing employees. Therefore, we started from the survey conducted among them.
It provided us with very useful insights about what values ​​employees recognize, what motivates them, which is why they choose to remain part of the Zesium story.
In parallel with the survey, we conducted a detailed analysis of the performance and employer branding activities of the client and competitors.

On the third hand, the agency regularly monitors trends in employer branding, as well as good campaigns in the global and local labor market, and our insights from that side were very useful.

The summary and conclusions of all these researches gave us a clear picture of the market and the client's position on it, but also guidelines for the development of a strategy for further activities.

Following the strategic setting, we defined the tone and channels of communication, as well as key messages that will convey a clear picture of Zesuim as a good place to grow and develop with support in a friendly environment and working on challenging IT projects in various industries.

In accordance with all the above, we have developed the art directorate of visual communication and created examples of content of different formats that best present the unique team spirit and values ​​of Zesium.


The strategically set plan of employer branding activities, uniform and consistent appearance on digital channels, led to a greater visibility and a more realistic image of Zesium as an employer.

These activities supported the work of the HR sector, and shortened and improved the recruitment process. Clear communication of values ​​and internal culture, together with greater visibility and tempting visual appearance, have led to an increase in the number of applications for positions of all seniorities. In addition to the quantity, the activities also reflected on the quality of applications, which is a confirmation that the message about Zesium as a good employer reached the desired candidates and managed to interest and encourage them in the activity.

We are continuing our cooperation with Zesium, and if you recognize yourself in their situation, we will be glad to work together on employer branding - contact us!