BOMAR is one of the leading retail companies in Serbia in the field of sales of watches, jewellery and optics with a well-developed distribution network throughout the country.

Circumstances caused by the COVID-19 virus caused the tightening of measures and limited operation of stores at the end of the 2020, which is an extremely important sales period. In accordance with the circumstances, there was a need to direct customers to online sales.


The inability to make purchases when it suits them, turned customers in the direction of e-commerce, so it was important to get their attention in the digital space and eliminate any uncertainties towards online shopping. The solution included three key components: communication, performance marketing and customer benefits.

Communication tailored to the target group educated and informed the community with a direct call-to-action for website visits, online shopping or a call center call. A key part of the strategy was performance marketing.
We took advantage of the advanced features of Facebook and Google advertising platforms and set up the system so that the ultimate goal is the conversion or ordering of items from the website. The advantage wes that during the previous months, various campaigns were realized, so in that period the machine learning process took place and the system have learned more about the audience of the brand. This advantage with constant monitoring and optimization throughout the campaign resulted in exceptional success.

Once again, it has been shown that partnership, trust and teamwork of the agency and the client are the key in such inclinations. The client, for its part, provided significant discounts and benefits for its customers, which made Bomar's already attractive offer even more attractive. At the same time, the agency accompanied the campaign with activities that not only increased sales but also encouraged many customers to buy this type of product online for the first time.


The success of this campaign can be seen in the number of visits to the website, which increased by 50%, as well as the number of realized online orders that increasedby 110% compared to last year.

The direct benefit of promotion and communication on social networks proved to be influential on offline sales, where the customer came prepared to the store, knowing the prices, current promotions, model offerings and their characteristics. By preparing the customer through an online communication, the offline sale was easier, because the customer has already decided on one of the models.

We can say that the new situation has contributed to many small and medium enterprises, but also larger companies, embracing the term digital transformation by adopting new approaches to solving problems. It is quite possible that the trend of online shopping will continue even after the COVID-19 pandemic.