Coke Academy pitch video


Coca-Cola Hellenic


Coke Academy is one of the internally selected ideas in front of Coca-Cola HBC Serbia for the global Coca-Cola competition called Innovation for Growth. The goal of the Coke Academy project is to introduce independent retail stores to the values ​​and way of doing business of the company in order to work together more efficiently because they form a large and important business segment.


Our task was to present why this idea is good for the whole business and how it can be applied to other levels of business - interestingly and originally and in video format. One of the challenges was to make a longer video, up to 60 seconds, but also a shorter version, up to 20 seconds - which would also clearly and consistently present this idea in the competition.


We designed the video in an unusual comic book form, and the narrator was a Coke Academy hero who guided the viewers through the story and explained the whole idea. We have successfully presented the project through both versions - and you can see that by watching the video.