Coca-Cola Youth Empowered Online Event


Coca-Cola HBC Serbia


Coca-Cola Youth Empowered is a national program of Coca-Cola HBC Serbia, which has been organized for five years in a row. The program seeks to empower young people in their job search by sharing useful knowledge, advice and experiences of recognized lecturers and entrepreneurs. In the period before the coronavirus pandemic, the concept of the program was based on offline workshops that took place in cities all across Serbia. The task of the agency was to overcome pandemic obstacles and to propose a solution that would in the most adequate way enable the implementation of the Coca-Cola Youth Empowered program.


We proposed the realization of an online event - a conference that lasted for six hours, with the participation of six speakers - among whom were experts from the company and well-known influencers, who shared their business experiences and answered questions from young program participants through the Q&A segment. In this way, despite the situation caused by the coronavirus, we successfully gathered a significant number of participants through the Coca-Cola Youth Empowered Program and continued to support young people in their career search, passing on key tips, knowledge and personal business experiences of lecturers. Information about the conference itself, the concept and the invitation to apply - we have expanded with the support of SMART promotion on social networks Facebook and Instagram, as well as through an active Google campaign.

This way we minimized the costs of the organization, since everything happened online with the involvement of participants from the country and abroad, and the costs of renting studios, transportation, accommodation, hosting event participants etc. were avoided. This format proved to be very useful and well attended. Because of that, we have also used it for the mentoring sessions, which are part of this Coca-Cola program for young people - so for the first time, those sessions were also organized online.


More than 1819 young people registered for our online conference, while the average grade of the conference given by the participants through the online survey was 9.5 out of 10. More than 450 young people participated in the ten online mentoring sessions so far. Prominent results tell us about the quality of selected topics, lecturers, the concept of the online events themselves and the success of the project in the year marked by the pandemic.